But seriously though, this podcast will be the one you wished you listened to in 2022 before you keep living the way you do...

This podcast resonated with me on so many levels and I wish I heard about Marisa many years ago... The biggest lies we tell ourselves in relationships... I could feel and hear pieces that I had lived through and seen my closest friends live through and some are still living through as we speak... I would say this podcast is now in my top 5 of all time.. All the beautifully passionate, emotional aware and deep thinkers should listen to this one right now..

Topics that were covered are as follows..

* The biggest lies we tell ourselves in relationships.
* What keeps most of us from finding lasting love.
* What needs to be aligned for a relationship to work.
* How to know if you’re with the right partner.
* And so much more!
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Tell yourself another lie

I have Lewis's podcasts in my library and listen to his podcasts once a week and when his new episode notifications come on my phone; it's the best.. This episode with Marissa Peer has been on repeat and had been sent out to my closest friends...

Here's my thoughts from the podcast and a little bit about me.. It feels like I'm writing a entry in my journal and letting you into my head, so be kind..

I was always guarded for so long after my relationship ended with my girls Dad over 9 years ago now... We are all happy and co parenting & have a mutual respect that we will always put all 4 of our girls well-being at the forefront of all we do and on the same pages with their growing hearts...

All those years ago I was so guarded and honestly wouldn't even give love and intimacy the time of day again.. I was too busy building my business raising my babies and telling myself the lies of "all men are the same" or "I don't have time for love" or even still "I don't want another person to ruin what I've built" (major independence & basically just a fear of getting hurt again)..

24 months ago I did some deep work on my heart because I had faith and deep conviction im loveable and worthy of love, there is a lid for me ( every pan has a lid and you will be someone's dream come true, listen to the podcast & you'll understand )... So 18 months ago I wrote out a list of all the qualities I wanted in a future life partner and to the finest detail.. I shared my list with my closest friends and hand on heart didn't settle...! I went for long periods of time not even going on a date and my younger sister would tell me to open up and start dating.. My friends and gym buddies would make fun of me because I went long periods of time like 12 months with no dating or even entertaining the thought... I was one of the only single women NOT on tinder...

I could just tell by the conversations or pick up the vibe that I knew deep in my heart if someone tried to set me up or reach out that it just wasn't getting past the "let's grab a coffee " stage... UNTIL I met Adam..!

I knew from the time we had our first conversation that I wanted to get to know him.. I wanted to know more about him and instantly felt safe and let my guard down... I've not done that with anyone... When we first met in person I looked into his eyes and I could see he was a deeply kind and a genuine person.. I felt some feelings I've not had in a long time or actually ever, to be honest.. He has loyalty and trust tattooed on his wrists for crying out loud ! Two of my top 5 highest values !! He has all the qualities I wrote down even the fact he had two beautiful daughters... I truely feel safe and loved and I know I make him feel the same...

Listening to this podcast I had so many take aways ! I never compromised with what I knew what I deserved... I let Adam know the real me and communicated my fears and insecurities opening up on how I feel and how things would trigger me.. I took responsibility and never ran ran away from the feelings of fear.. The old me would take off and cut things before I could get hurt or if feel anything that made me uncomfortable...

I still make an effect to not lose myself, I don't run away if I feel vulnerable, I keep a journal, I go to the gym, I keep loving myself like I deserve & he loves me for me..! I showed up as the real me..! I'm really excited to build a life together with our girls and they are shining examples of the love they received from us all.

So who is Marisa?
Marisa Peer is the author of I Am Enough and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy®️(RTT). Marisa Peer is an English best-selling author, nutritionist, relationship therapist, hypnotherapist trainer, and motivational speaker. She uses hypnosis for anxiety, weight loss, addiction, and overcoming fear. 

I started following Marisa on Instagram and reached out to her... She is a bright shining light and a pleasure to see in my dim news feed lately...

I hope you take away as much as I did from this podcast and I hope sharing my transparency with you can show just how much we are all winging it...

Take what you want and leave what you want.